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Apus Launcher Review – Fastest, Lightest and Highly Customizable

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Apus launcher is one of the stable, fast, reliable and highly customisable app available on Google Play store. It has more than 100 Million Downloads and 4.5 rating.

It’s the lightest app less than 7 MB and hardly consumes ~25 MB RAM and runs only 1 process. I have tested this on many devices and found very smooth on almost all types of configurations and operating systems.

Apus Widget Screen   Apus Menu Screen   Apus Settings Menu

The most important thing is it doesn’t contain tons of unnecessary features just simple and clean UI with very less or you can say no ads.

Appearance and Features

1. Notification Toolbar

Apus Notification Toolbar

Apus Notification Toolbar contains important shortcuts like Torch, Ringtone and Hot-spot and many more. Such icons are easily accessible with one touch. It also has the unique search bar through which you can not only search web but search the phone also. Phone search includes the apps, contacts, messages, media and doc files.

2. Wallpapers and Themes

Apus has 30,000+ free themes available and with each update they keep on adding new awesome themes. Wallpaper & Theme option can be accessible from the desktop/home screen. See the bottom right corner icon with 3 dots.


This will open up the Apus System menu where you will find ‘Wallpaper & Theme’ option.


You will find tons of other launcher apps with themes and wallpapers but Apus has the best themes among all. Theme page has 3 sections – Latest, Featured and Categories. Each theme shows the number of downloads.

All the themes are divided into 20 categories available – Lifestyle & Arts, Cartoon, Simple & Flat, Love, Pink & Cute, Sports, Movies & TV, Plants & Flowers, Delicacy, Nature & Scenery, Computer & Games, Festive, Animals, Retro, Space and Fantasy, Cars & Motors, Abstract, Misc and System OS.

Apus Launcher Featured Theme   Apus Launcher Theme Categories

Themes can be downloaded from play store and the overall size range is from 500 KB to 6 MB.

3. Highly Customizable

screenshot_20161128-231428Customization is one of the strongest features of Apus Launcher. There are many options available to customize the appearance like Wallpaper Blur, Change Icon Size, Use HD icons and Change Text Color.

You can give screen transition effect for menus which includes Cube, Tumbling, Page, Crossfade, Rotation and Classic effect.

Few Unique Features:

Auto Boost feature which cleans battery-draining apps when the screen locks to save the battery life.

Smart Locker is the inbuilt smooth screen locker.

Gestures can be used to open the Apus Search (Swipe Up), Apus Know (Swipe Down) and to change the wallpaper (Double-tap).

Performance Tuning can be used as per your need. Apus will customize itself based on the option you choose: Best Appearance, Balanced or Best Performance.

Battery Saver and 1 Tap Boost is used to monitor battery power usage and detect power-draining apps. With inbuilt battery saver and one tap boost you can extend your battery life upto 50%

Final Thought

Apus Launcher provides all in one solution and meet all your needs. It makes your phone faster and powerful.

  1. Manjiri Manjiri

    I am using this laincher currently and it provides very goid UI and easy to use.

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