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‘Blue Whale Game’ does it really cause Suicide ?

Tanmay Keni 0

Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale Challenge is originally started in 2013 from Russia and now slowly affecting other countries. The founder of the game Philipp Budeikin, a former psychology student was already arrested and pleaded guilty for inciting suicides. In one of the interviews he stated “There are people – and there is biological waste. Those who do not represent any value for society. Who cause or will cause only harm to society. I was cleaning our society of such people”

What is Blue Whale game all about ?

The game has certain number of tasks
or challenges. It starts with normal tasks such as waking up at late night and watching specific scary video. For teenagers it feels funny and interesting. The admin asks for the photo proof for each task. After the admin verification it gets approved and given another tough task to the user. Later stages tasks becomes more unpleasant such as carving a blue whale or specific name on own hand with sharp objects and poking needle in own arm or leg. These tasks are given as challenges and it encourages users to keep on completing it. As these challenges will be posted and compared across other users. At the end
 it leads to the fast task suicide.

The game is mainly affecting teenagers and doing serious harm. It has already taken lives of hundreds of teenagers. There needs to be awareness. People need to know. Parents should not discuss about the game directly with their children as this may lead to curiosity and they might start looking for it. Though it is not available on surface web meaning it can not be found easily by searching on Google. It is very important that parent maintain interest in looking what their children are doing by staying online.

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