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What is deep web or dark web ? Is accessing deep web safe ?

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The websites which you can surf using traditional search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo comes under the surface web. These sites are accessible easily with normal browser. The deep web refers to the websites which can not be found on traditional search engines.

Dark web concept is also somewhat similar and it’s a collection of websites or webpages on an encrypted network. Normal search engines can not index such web pages and hence these sites can not be accessed from it. Deep web includes dark web. There are many mind blowing and scary deep web stories. Here are few interesting ones:

Hire Hitman –

Deep web is full of mysteries. Some stories says that there are websites available which provides services to hire a hitman to kill anyone. You can buy their service to hire Hitman by paying in Bitcoin and they will do it for you. Bitcoin is standard currency for deep web transactions which electronically transferred from one person to another with complex encryption to avoid exposure of personal financial information. Some services offers others the chance to profit from their killing by allowing users to bet on when a victim will die, how a victim will die by putting money in a pool. The closest guess takes home the pot. Many still believe that these are just fantasy websites. Most of those are fake and created by some freaky minded people to steal money. What you think?

Recipes for human meat –

Yes. You read that right. There are such websites which contains information on how to cook human meat. It does not contain just few lines for cooking but the detailed instructions are given on what body types to use for specific cuts, how to prepare these cuts, how to cook the meat and other details as such. It is a pure cannibalism. This is one of the reason you should always stay away from accessing the deep web.

Red Rooms –

Red Room is a dangerous place, a live stream of the torture and murder of a person for the entertainment of others. Viewers pay to kill someone and watch it live. It contains explicit harassment and torture of subject by some person. Viewers decides the way of torturing and admin starts following them. This horrible act shown live to the viewer through web cams. The well known case is “The daisy destruction” which shock the world. It is one of the most horrific case of child abuse until now. Again many believes that these are just fantasy websites and nothing happens there in real. But you will find tons of deep web stories on other websites related to this topic. Even on YouTube you will see such stories (yes just stories no footage).

You should never access deep web –

Accessing deep web is not much difficult. Few browsers like Tor allows you to access it BUT it’s very very unsafe. Though Tor says that you will stay anonymous there is no guarantee of it. Those freaky websites may contain virus and malwares which can affect your machine permanently. Also what if they can access your webcam unknowingly? You will never come to know. There are many deep web stories on Reddit about this. So whats your opinion about deep web ? Let me know in the comments section below. 

Disclaimer: – This Article on Deep web doesn’t in any way encourage you to visit the Deep web and do anything illegal there (or anywhere as a matter of fact), any activity apart from “reading this article” is your responsibility.

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