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Hidden Features in Facebook Messenger You Might Not Know !

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The Facebook Instant Messaging app supports text messaging, voice and video calls. You might have thought that why Facebook has separate messaging app when they can easily integrate messaging feature in its official App. But Facebook Messenger has many unique and useful features in-built in it.

Here are the hidden features of Facebook Messenger.

1. Use Messenger without a Facebook Account

Yes it is possible to use Facebook Messenger without a Facebook Account. You can use Facebook Messenger with your mobile number like WhatsApp, Hike or any other messaging app. So if you are not registered on Facebook (hard to find such people) then also you can chat with Facebook users.

How to use:

  1. Open the Messenger app, select “I don’t have a Facebook Account” option and tap on Continue.

2. Enter your phone number and tap on Continue. Once you’ve confirmed your phone number, add your name and photo. That’s it. You are done.

Your friends can easily find you on Facebook chat and messenger using your mobile number. You’ll get the option to sync your contacts so you can message anyone in your phone. You can use different messenger accounts and easily switch between them. You can add up to 5 accounts.

2. Nicknames

Many times we use nicknames for our friends and relatives. In fact we call our loved ones with their nicknames instead of actual names. Facebook messenger allows you to use nicknames.

How to use:

Open the chat conversation and tap on ‘i’ icon. Select Nicknames and set any name you want.

3. Secrete Conversation

This is the unique feature provided by Facebook Messenger. Secrete Conversations are encrypted from one device to another. When you send a secrete message to someone, it’s only visible on device you send it and the device the recipient opens it on. So suppose you started secrete conversation from your phone then it can not be visible from your Facebook account you logged in through browser.

In secrete conversations you can send only messages, pictures and stickers. It doesn’t support Group messages, GIF’s, voice and video calling. To verify the conversation is encrypted you can compare your device key with other person’s device key, make sure that they match.

If you have a secrete conversation going with someone you already have a regular conversation open with, you will see two different conversations in your app. To identify it you can see the padlock icon on the persons’s profile picture.

4. Chat with Bots

Your friends are not online ? Getting bored and looking for something interesting. Bots will entertain you. Facebook Messenger now supports more than 11,000 chat bots.

Bot is a type of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Bots turn natural language into structured data and understand conversational language. And they learn from it. You can find the Bots in Facebook Messenger by its name. Some of the well known bots are Wall Street Journal (get live stock quotes by typing “$” followed by the ticker symbol), HP (enables users to print photos, documents, and files from Facebook or Messenger to any connected HP printer), Healthtap (healthcare provider that connects users to advice from medical professionals).

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