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Mozilla’s Firefox Quantum vs. Google Chrome: Benchmark Test, Which Is Faster?

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During late 1990’s, the first browser war was between Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Netscape’s Navigator. From year 2002 more browsers came into the market such as Firefox (Sept 2002), Google Chrome (Sept 2008) and Safari (January 2003). To continue the war and to stay in the competition Firefox was rapidly replacing major parts of the engine, introducing rust since past 6-7 months. Mozilla recently launched its all-new Firefox Quantum web browser, the firm’s biggest launch since Firefox 1.0.

Firefox’s quantum has a new powerful engine, better and faster loading and smart features for rapid fire performance which uses less computer memory. Mozilla claims that its 30% lighter than chrome as it consumes very less memory so your computer can run smoothly. Also it gives you smooth browsing experience to navigate between different tabs whether you have opened 2 tabs or 1000 tabs.

To know the real potential of both the browsers and find our actual performance I did benchmark tests. All the tests on Firefox Qunatum version 57 and Google Chrome version 62.0.3202.94 were performed on average machine configuration Windows 10 laptop with AMD A8 2.20 GHz Processor and 4 GB RAM.

Benchmark Tests

1. JetStream

JetStream is JavaScript benchmark suite which combines variety of advanced workloads, programming techniques and gives single score based on geometric mean. It includes different benchmark suites such as SunSpider 1.0.2, Octane 2, LLVM Compiler and HashMap. For this benchmark test bigger scores/bars are better.

As you can see in the bar chart Firefox Quantum scores more than Google Chrome with score 62.348 and 53.838 respectively. So Firefox Quantum browser is much faster as per this benchmark.

2. ARES.6

ARES-6 measures the execution time of JavaScript’s newest features. It contains 4 sub-tests namely – Air, Basic, Babylon and ML. ARES-6 runs Air, Basic, and Babylon for 200 iterations, and ML for 60 iterations. For each benchmark, ARES-6 reports the time of the first iteration, the average of the 4 worst iterations, and the average of all but the first iteration. For this benchmark lower scores/shorter bars are better.

Here Google Chrome is winner. Chrome scores 88.52 milliseconds and Quantum scores 255.77 milliseconds. For this benchmark lower scores are better so Chrome is three times quicker to run JavaScript newest features compare to Quantum.

3. MotionMark

MotionMark is web benchmark which draws multiple rendering elements to check the graphic performance. Rendering elements contains SVG node, CSS style and series of canvas operatings and each test runs for a fixed period of time. Basically it measures the browser’s frame rate and then adjusts the elements to draw and concentrates around a narrow range where it starts to fail animating at 60 fps.

For MotionMark benchmark higher score is better. Here Firefox Quantum beats Google Chrome with very small margin. Chrome scores 45.55 and Quantum scores 46.29.

4. Speedometer

Speedometer benchmark measures simulated user actions for adding, completing and removing to-do items. Though mouse and keyboard interaction is required this framework uses demo web applications to simulate user actions. It simply checks the responsiveness of web applications.

With Speedometer benchmark Firefox Quantum scored 27 runs per minute and Google Chrome Scored 45.39 runs per minute. Here lower number means better so once again Firefox Quantum wins over Google Chrome.

Conclusion – 

As per above benchmark tests Firefox Quantum has much faster performance compared to Google Chrome. Mozilla has really worked hard to improve the overall performance of its browser. Addition to that they have introduced some cool features such as Screenshots, Pocket and Gaming & VR. Also it comes with highly customizable user interface to setup Firefox as you want. If you have used older versions of Firefox I am sure you must have not had good experience but this update has really improved the performance and trust me you can feel it once you start using it.

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