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Slidejoy App – Earn money to unlock your phone – Honest Review

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The Slidejoy App allows you to earn money by unlocking your phone. Its 100% legit app and I have tested for more than a year now. Slidejoy has 4.4 rating on Google Play store and more than 1 Million downloads. The app shows news and ads on your lock screen and whenever you unlock your phone it pays you in cash or rewards. To earn money with Slidejoy you don’t have to make any extra efforts like complete any surveys or tasks, you just have to use your phone as you normally do. Once you see ad on lockscreen just slide right and unlock your phone to get home screen. That’s it ! There is no special action required like viewing the ad for specific time or click on it. Before reading further I want to tell you that this is no get rich quick scheme or earn hundreds of dollars scheme. This is just an app which gives you some bucks as a reward for using it.

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Slidejoy Carats-

Slidejoy Carats are like points. Instead of direct cash (dollars) it gives you carats. As per my experience with this app you can earn upto 40-60 carats per day. Let’s take an average of 50 carats per day. This is without doing anything except unlocking your phone which you normally do many times a day. So in a month you can earn upto 1500 carats.

1000 carats = 1 USD dollar.

Ways to earn more carats –

This is another feature of Slidejoy to earn some quick carats. It is optional thing and you can ignore this if you want.

App allows to get extra carats from well known offerwalls such as Supersonic, NativeX, Fyber, TrialPay, Cint Surveys, Adscend Media and Peanut Labs. I personally don’t recommend this as most of the time it doesn’t work the way you want. For example suppose you completed a task of downloading specific app. The offer wall may not consider your task completion valid if you have installed the app earlier. Some apps doesn’t give in-app notification so these offerwalls services can’t track whether user has downloaded the app from given source or somewhere else. So chances of successful offer completion is less. You can not complain about these offers to Slidejoy as these are totally managed by offerwalls.

Cashout with PayPal

App allows payout through PayPal. One of the trusted and leading payment processor in the world. Minimum cashout is $2 (2000 carats). So we can roughly say that you can reach minimum payout of $2 in almost one and half month as per above calculation without doing any additional task or survey.

Cashout with Top Up Recharge OR GiftCards –

Don’t want to wait to reach till minimum payout ? No worries. The app gives you facility to do a top up recharge for your phone which starts at minimum of 462 carats (Rs.25) which can be easily achieved in less than 10 days.

It supports most of the telecom providers such as Airtel, Vodafone, Idea, Reliance, Tata Docomo, BSNL, MTNL, Aircel, MTS, Uninor and SunTv.

I recommend this option to all users specially those who are not familiar with PayPal payment processor. This option will help such users to quickly cashout the money in form of top up recharge.

Another way is to cashout the earnings using GiftCard. Slidejoy allows three options: Facebook (minimum 5000 carats – $5), 1-800-flowers (minimum 10000 carats – $10) and (minimum 10000 carats -$10)


There are two payment modes – Normal and Hero. Normal mode means you can cashout the money you earned either through PayPal or Topup Recharge or GiftCards. Hero mode means all the money you earned will be donated to charities every month automatically. You can change the mode anytime.

Will it drain your battery and eat up internet ?

No. It doesn’t drain battery at all. It’s like other normal apps and doesn’t take much resources. Also on lock screen it shows ad which is simple image hardly few kb’s. So it’s well developed app which gives regular bug fixes if any. It will not drain your battery or eat up internet.

Final Thought –

Overall it’s ‘Go for it’ app. This is far better app than its alternative “Slide App”. Read Slide App review here. One small suggestion is – do not expect high earnings from this app. The app itself says “Make sure you stick around, after all, free money is hard to find”.

Give it a try.. Sign Up Here for Free!

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