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Why You Should Uninstall Clean Master App right away..

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There are many junk cleaner apps and memory booster apps available on the Google Play Store but do they really work ? Do we need such apps to clean up junk from our phone which is left behind by other apps ? Lets have a look on all important aspects..

How Android manages processes

To get the better understanding lets take an example of Windows. You must be aware of Windows operating system. If you run many applications / programs at the same time on your Windows, it affects the computer performance and speed. Quick solution is to close applications which are not required. This helps to speed up the computer.

But this not the case of Android. Android has the unique native handler which manages all the processes and RAM assignments more efficiently. When you go back to home screen by leaving any app, the app doesn’t closes but it goes into sleep mode in background where it doesn’t use much RAM and other system resources. For some apps like messengers they keep running at the background as a cached processes. When system needs more virtual memory it kills the empty and background processes to free up the memory. If any app needs more memory than what is available, it starts killing service processes and this is where the phone lags.

What is wrong with Clean Master App

Cheetah Mobile’s Clean Master is a favorite application for most of the Android users. It claims to clean junk and boost memory so it scans all of the apps on a your phone with the goal of improving speed and performance. But what it actually does ?

It gathers everything from your phone including device ID, language, how frequently an app is being used, at what time of day it’s being used, how often you keep it open and when an app is uninstalled.

Fake Scan Results to Get More Downloads (Force Advertising)

Clean Master app displays fake scan results and fools users to get more downloads for their own apps such as CM Browser, File Manager, CM security, CM Speed, CM Swipe etc. For an example see the screenshots below:


When you do virus scan from Clean Master it gives scan results with fake results saying your phone is at risk and shows – System Exploit with ‘Fix’ button. If you tap on Fix button it shows the details of system vulnerability. If you tap on ‘Fix Now’ button it takes you to Play Store – CM Security AppLock Antivirus. So this is just a technique to get more downloads to their own apps.

Similar force advertising is to tell user to download WhatsCall, Live.screen, CM Launcher 3D, CM Browser, Battery Doctor and many more.. All apps are of Cheetah Mobile.

How Memory Boost harm your phone

Apps like Clean Master uses term “Memory Boost”. This means killing other apps processes running at the background which claims to free up more virtual memory and speed up your phone. This is the biggest misconception. When you forcefully kill other apps processes, after few seconds most of the apps restarts its processes again. In such cases system uses more resources to restart the processes and increase the workload and simultaneously drains your battery.

Android never keeps free memory, it fills free memory with cached process. Apps that have been kept alive but not running in this way are called cached background processes. They still use some RAM, but system will automatically remove them from RAM if it needs to free it up for running apps.

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Final Thought

You don’t need app to kill task or processes or to boost memory. In fact you should not worry about it because Android operating system is smart enough to handle processes in efficient way and make your device run smooth and fast.

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