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What is Android Rooting? Root or Not to Root ?

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What is Android Rooting?

In simple words Android rooting means getting the administrative access (Superuser) or full control of your Android device.

When you buy a new smartphone you get access as Normal User. Most of the manufacturers restricts the root access and gives you basic access but you can still install many apps. Let me give you an example for better understanding – In Windows operating system there is Normal User and Administrator. As a Normal User you can do day to day tasks and use many features but you can not change the system settings or can not play with windows registry. Such things need Administrative access.

Similarly once you get root access of your phone you can do many interesting things like installing custom ROM which gives complete new look to your phone, overclocking to increase the processing speed, removing pre-installed apps and many more..

Risks associated with Android Rooting:

1. Risk of Loosing Warranty

Risk of loosing warranty

Most of the phones comes with 1 year to 3 Year warranty.. If you root your phone within this period then there is big chance of loosing the warranty. Many smartphone manufacturing companies like Samsung, HTC, Sony, Micromax has this policy.

If you root your phone and something bad happens then company does not take any responsibility for the damage.

2. Risk of Hardware Damage

Hardware Damage

Once you root the device you will definitely try to get maximum out of system parts by reaching up to its limits like increasing processor speed. This can affect the life span of hardware parts by over consumption of the battery or over heating of components. And this results to hardware failure.

3. Security Risk

Security Risk

One of the growing issues in smartphones is Security. Rooting weakens the Security. When you root your device and install any app (which requires root permission) gets access to your root. Such apps becomes a superuser. I have came across some serious cases where such apps install the malware and adware which later can not be removed. Addition to this your personal data has the potential to be lost.

4. Phone Bricking

Phone Bricking

Phone Bricking means your phone will not turn on in any way. There is no way you can fix it from your end. If you tried hard to turn on the phone and you gave up on it then only way is go to the service center and fix it. Never say that you rooted your phone as rooting breaks the warranty. There is a misconception regarding phone bricking that phone is bricked if it is stuck in a boot loop or boots directly into recovery mode. But this is not true.

Root or Not to Root – Final Thought:

You must be thinking that I haven’t wrote any advantages of rooting. Yes there are some advantages of rooting but if you know the proper process and resources then you can go for it. You will find many ‘how to root’ articles on various websites but not even 50% ways are properly tested. The fact is ‘There is no universal way to root any android device.’ If you have the entire process (step-wise) in front of you then also I will recommend you to think hundred times before going for it. Read the reviews-feedback of ‘how to root’ articles and then proceed further on your own risk. Disadvantages of rooting android device are very high compare to its advantages. Overall motive to write this post is to explain the higher risk potential associated with android rooting.

Do you have any queries related to rooting Android device ? Do let me know in the comment section below..

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